Saito- The Sushi God of Tokyo

Sushi Saito is a 3 Michelin Star sushi restaurant, and many regard it as the best in Japan. We got to spend the day with Saito, to ask him about his work, and to eat his soul shattering sushi.

Quad Ride in my backyard

This weekend the weather was perfect for a ride thru the woods in my backyard.

Kawasaki Prairie 360
Kawasaki Prairie 360

Visit to Cape May, NJ

Had a great time spending the day with Payton and visiting Amanda and her family at Diane's in NJ. Awesome to see everyone.

Jeep Grand Cherokee on Beach Avenue in Cape May, NJView from the front porch.

Disposal of leftover latex paint

While cleaning out the house in preparation for listing it for sale, I discovered a ridiculous amount of leftover latex paint stockpiled in the basement. After some research, the consensus advice was to open the cans and let them dry out. Then they can be discarded in the trash. So...being the responsible citizen of the world, I proceeded to open each and every can.

Leftover latex paint drying in the sun

Fast forward one week and the results were quite disappointing, to say the least. Most of the cans developed a hardened "skin" on top of the still liquid paint. This approach is not working. Not to mention there were thunderstorms the few evenings I forgot to cover the cans with a tarp. I needed a new plan.

So...I mixed the remaining paint with a combination of cement mix and fireplace ash to absorb as much excess liquid as possible then poured the mixture onto tarps spread on the driveway. It seems to be working much better (faster) but needs to be stirred to prevent the "skin" from sealing the remaining liquid below.

Drying latex paint in the sun
Drying latex paint in the sun

Hopefully by tomorrow evening, I can roll up the tarps and discard the paint. What a gigantic pain in the ass!