The All Writs Act

Topics: The All Writs Act, compelled decryption, United States v. New York Telephone Co. Source: This video is archived from Surveillance Law, first offered by Stanford Law School on Coursera in Fall 2014.

USENIX Enigma 2016

NSA’s chief hacker explains how to keep the NSA out of your business.

The Hidden Business of the Internet

The Internet was made for everyone but is being hijacked by big corporations that are turning people into products without their knowledge or consent. Check out what Mozilla did to expose the hidden business of the Internet on a busy street in Hamburg, Germany.

The Power of Privacy- Documentary

The Power of Privacy

In observance of Data Privacy Day, Silent Circle has partnered with The Guardian to produce The Power of Privacy, a film that explores privacy in the modern world. Enjoy the film in its entirety below and join the Data Privacy Day conversation. #PrivacyAware